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Everything You Own Has Been Taken To A Depot Somewhere - Jennifer Walshe

for three performers
video-version by Pony Says

Video-Premiere @Südseite Nachts 2021

Mixing/Mastering: Matthias Schneider-Hollek 
Video: Christopher Bühler
Jennifer Walshe: “The New Discipline” is a term I’ve adopted over the last year. The term functions as a way for me to connect compositions which have a wide range of disparate interests but all share the common concern of being rooted in the physical, theatrical and visual, as well as musical; pieces which often invoke the extra-musical, which activate the non-cochlear. In performance, these are works in which the ear, the eye and the brain are expected to be active and engaged. Works in which we understand that there are people on the stage, and that these people are/have bodies.
Examples of composers working in this way include: Object Collection, James Saunders, Matthew Shlomowitz, Neele Hülcker, François Sarhan, Jessie Marino, Steven Takasugi, Natacha Diels, myself.“ 

source: https://www.borealisfestival.no/2016/the-new-discipline-4/