l u c a s  g e r i n ⁄f e l i x  n a g l ⁄t h i l o  r u c k
The Ideal Hour / Collages for Tom -
Jessie Marino

for/in collaboration with Pony Says

Premiere @Eclat-Festival 2022, Stuttgart

Audio & Video: Jessie Marino & Eclat-Festival / Musik der Jahrhunderte

Portfolio: Pony Says Takasugi/Marino

In the beginning, Pony Says and Jessie Marino still face each other as strangers. Through a shared listening experience, a collective associative space and thus the basis of the artistic collaboration is created. Marino chooses for this 'listening session' the album Pieces for Kohn (1976) by Tom Hamilton, in which the US-American composer directly refers to paintings by the artist Bill Kohn. Based on the impressions of the electronic compositions, Pony Says and Jessie Marino enter into an associative exchange in Collages with Tom. As a collectively acting quartet, composer and musicians translate listening experiences into a musical approach to Pieces for Kohn. The range of actions extends from mere imitation, to sonic response, and finally to full musical emancipation.
This process simultaneously shapes the musical setups of the performers, whose sounds refer sometimes more, sometimes less explicitly to the original: From 'classical' electric guitar setups, to digital synthesizers, to explicit sampling, Collages with Tom richly declines the sonic relationship the performers have formed through listening together.