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 Schotten dicht - Neo Hülcker
for/cooperation with Pony Says

@Pony Says Capsules, Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin, June 2021

In schotten dicht, Neo Hülcker transplants three performers into an experimental arrangement of Plexiglas cabins spatially isolated from each other and microphoned. Contact with the outside world is only possible indirectly, with the help of gripping arms that interact with an instrumental set-up through holes in the front window.
In their isolation, the performers pursue physical routines, sometimes choreographed and synchronized, sometimes occurring as if by chance. A community in isolation presents itself to the audience. In the artistic examination of hygienic, political, socio-cultural and digital aspects, schotten dicht gets to the bottom of the question of how (self-)isolation acts as a factor in our social interaction.

Portfolio: Pony Says Capsules