l u c a s  g e r i n ⁄f e l i x  n a g l ⁄t h i l o  r u c k

Verstreute Lieder -
eine post-individuelle Aneignung

a cooperation
between Pony Says and Mart*in Schüttler

Stimme („SchuBot“) – Lucas Gerin
Begleitung – Felix Nagl / Thilo Ruck
Konzept – Mart*in Schüttler


Verstreute Lieder - eine post-individuelle Aneingnung is an ongoing song-cycle of classical songs which are beeing appropriated by means of post-individual and post-digital reinterpretation. The arrangements of mostly romanticistic songs aim to alienate the emotional content of the music - in this case songs by Franz Schubert. The singing voice is called “Schubot” and arises from the text-to-speech-synthesis-engine of “Alter Ego”.
It is beeing controlled by a performer via midi-keyboard and motion-sensor.